Covid -19 Information


Statement to all Malawians in Scotland

As you know, we are in challenging and unprecedented times due to the on-going Coronavirus pandemic. This has huge implications on people’s lives, and Malawians are not an exception. Association of Malawians in Scotland (AMS) (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Association’), therefore wishes to act in accordance with its objectives by making sure that the interests and welfare of Malawians living in Scotland are catered for during this time. The Association would also like to encourage all Malawians in Scotland to stay safe, to unite and to support each other, not just during the pandemic, but even after the pandemic. As Malawians, we are known to be good at cushioning and safety-netting each other, both formerly and informally, and there is no better time to do this than now. The Association is aware that there are Malawians or Malawian families in Scotland that could be directly or indirectly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. It is therefore its responsibility to provide encouragement and assurance to such people. Most significantly, the Association recognises that it has the responsibility to ensure that Malawians in Scotland live as one family. This should facilitate the provision of support to each other in times like these. The Association is also aware that we may have individual challenges during these challenging times which are characterised by global uncertainties in all sectors that affect various aspects of human life.
In view of this, the Association will undertake to provide guidance to Malawians in Scotland as to how they can be supported in this context. The Association believes that we are all in this together and that no one therefore needs to suffer in silence.

Malawians living in Scotland are therefore urged to email or send a message through our Facebook messenger or 07787104077 should they require this kind of support.

Unfortunately, the Association may not be in a position to provide financial support in this instance, but it can point people in the right direction. The Association will specifically endeavour to provide guidance and links to any of its partners that can help. Specifically, the Association will try to refer you to relevant partner organisations that can assist or that can offer advice depending on your individual circumstances.

The Association would like to take this opportunity to remind Malawians to adhere to all UK and Scottish Government guidelines on combating Coronavirus, such as guidelines relating to social-distancing and keeping safe, as emphasised day by day. Whatever we do during the pandemic, let us do it safely.

Malawians are also urged to be concerned about the Covid-19 situation in Malawi and to encourage their families, friends and relatives there to keep safe by following all the guidance that the Government of Malawi is giving them.

Finally, the Association would like to regrettably advise that due to coronavirus pandemic that is characterised by uncertainties in all sectors, the July 2020 Malawi Independence celebrations event will not take place in Scotland. However, if the situation changes by the end of the year, an end-of-year get together event will be organised.

For now, stay safe and keep well! God bless you all

Secretariat – Association of Malawians in Scotland

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