The Malawi High Commission wishes to caution all Malawians in the United Kingdom of a new syndicate that is claiming to assist Foreign Nationals to obtain British passports or permanent residence permits (indefinite stay) as Commonwealth Citizens.

The syndicate is charging up to £75.00 for its membership card, and between £300.00 and £600.00 for documents purportedly to make one eligible to claim British citizenship for citizens of Commonwealth member states.
The High Commission wishes to inform the diaspora community that according to the advice received from the British (UK) Home Office, there is no any organisation mandated by the British Government to transact on its behalf nor make applications for citizenship for any other Commonwealth countries. Therefore any institution(s) claiming to offer such assistance or service is a fraud syndicate.
Malawians in the United Kingdom who wish to clarify status of any organisation can email to the High Commission with full details of the organisation to malawihighcommission@btconnect.com or call +44 (0) 20 7421 6010.

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